Exclusive interview with Aaron Marsh of The Lulls in Traffic, Copeland Won’t Tour Again, Record Could Happen

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Aaron Marsh is the former lead vocalist for the band Copeland. Currenty, he is primarily producing music, but is also working on a project called The Lulls in Traffic. Aaron was generous enough to take some time out of his day to answer a few questions.
Check out music from Copeland and The Lulls in Traffic below!

MFS:Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!
AM: No problem! Thank you for the support!

MFS: You gained your notoriety through you work as the lead vocalist for Copeland. For fans, it seemed like an abrupt ending just as the group was really expanding musically. How difficult was the break- up for you and is there a chance for a reunion tour?

AM: The break up was definitely difficult for us. From the outside it might have seemed abrupt, but we had been touring 10 years. I hate to boil it down to money but, we were having trouble financially. We had some extreme label difficulties. We were having trouble getting support for our tours which we desperately needed to reach new fans. As a result, we were headlining over and over, which over time, resulted in dwindling numbers. We had high hopes for “You Are My Sunshine”, but in the back of our heads, we knew that if nothing changed on that record, we would need to talk about hanging it up. Things really didn’t change. If anything, they got worse for us. So we decided to walk away with our heads high, rather than continue to watch things fizzle out. I don’t foresee any type of reunion tour happening. Under the right circumstances, I could see us making another record one day, but a tour is not in the cards for me.
MFS: Since your days with Copeland you have really been focused on production. You have produced for the band Estates and most notably the debut album of Anchor and Braille. How has production helped further your musical prowess?
AM:  They were a great band though. But to answer your question, the recording process was always my first love. I never loved touring. I’ve made a LOT of records in the last 5 years. I have definitely learned a lot about music. I learn something new every record. I’ve gotten to work with some really really talented artists and help them develop their sound. I’ve also become a lot more focused on my family. I have a wife, a 1-year-old, and another little one on the way. They have enriched my life much more than music ever did.
MFS: I know Aaron Sprinkle produced some of your former band’s albums. How much of an influence has he been on you?
AM: Sprinkle produced the last Copeland record. I definitely picked up a few tricks from him, but I would credit most of my producer influence to Matt Goldman who worked on the first 3 Copeland records.
MFS: Your new project The Lulls in Traffic is almost a complete transition from Copeland. What brought the motivation to step into a new musical flavor?
AM: I think working in the same niche genre for 10 years made me crave a project where all the rules and expectations could be thrown out. Also, I love underground hip hop. The Lulls In Traffic is my skewed view of that.
MFS: There is not much knowledge about the new project. Can you tell us a bit about the group and how it was formed? What are the aspirations for it?
AM: I met Ivan Ives through a mutual friend. I sent him one of my early tracks with the intention of him just doing a guest appearance. At this point, it wasn’t even The Lulls In Traffic. It was just me, experimenting with electronic music and hip hop. His verse blew my mind. After that, I couldn’t imagine doing a track without him, so I invited him to be a permanent part of it. He definitely understands my vision completely.
MFS: When is the album projected to release?
AM: Not sure. It’s been a side project for both of us so it’s been tricky to set time and money aside to get it done.
MFS: Will there be a tour?
AM: That is doubtful. My home life is my priority. I don’t intend to hit the road anytime soon.
MFS: Are you planning any solo projects?
AM: Every once in a while I consider it, but I have more fun with The Lulls in Traffic stuff because it’s fun to collaborate with Ivan. A solo record sounds kinda lonely to make.
MFS: Thanks for your time Aaron! It would be great to be able to an exclusive video or something you release on this blog!
AM: We have so little content right now with a half-finished album and few resources to finish it. But if we start cranking stuff out, I will send something your way!

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  2. I’d follow Aaron’s voice anywhere but the Lulls are testing my loyalty. The Music? Awesome. It’s Marshy. Thats what people love. Aaron’s Vocals? Superb. Ivan? I just don’t know. Seems like he’s trying too hard to sound like a rapper… I could be wrong. BUT support none the less goes out to Aaron.

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